Desktop Publishing and Promotions
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Other Marketing\Design\Graphics Services - $50/Hour
*  You must supply content and High Quality Graphics in DIGITAL formats.
Media Conversion Services are available.
Artist Package - $299
All of PP as well as Social Media Developement including a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. We will help you develop a "flavor" for your online presence. *
Personal Package - $149
Custom Designed Letterhead, for your Personal use, WEB Personal Card, as well as 500 Personal Cards to hand out in social situations.  *
Personal Package Deluxe - $449
All of AP with addition of editing and posting a Personal Video, intoducing you to the world and get your message accross! Make your mark today! *
Small Business Basic Package - $499
Custom Logo and Letterhead for your Business use, as well as 250 Business Cards. Includes a 30 minute call with one of our Business\e-Commerce Developement Specialists  *
Small Business Deluxe Package - $599
All of SBBP as well as One Tri-Fold Brochure and One Email Campaign, to promote your business. We will also include your Business Logo, linked to your Website, on our Partners Page! *
Small Business Premium Package - $899
All of SBDP with the addition of Editing and Posting a 1 min Video to Promote your business. Act now and we will include 250 Personalized Ink Pens!  *
WELCOME to StudioZ Project to our family! Become a V.I.P. Member today and SAVE! Special DISCOUNTS for Memberships!. Members SAVE up to 50% on Rentals, Studio Time, Producer Access, etc...We have the largest collection of ANALOG and CLASSIC Instruments available for your Studio Recording... DISCOUNTS available for Churches, Schools and Non-Profits... We BUY-SELL-TRADE Musical Equipment and Apple Devices...Desktop Publishing Services available!  Let us DESIGN your logo and help you create your IMAGE! Contact us Today! Everyones situation is different and we know this and will work WITH YOU to find the best way to MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! If you are an Artist or have a SMALL BUSINESS, we can help you PROMOTE it and GROW!